Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mt. Pamaza-pasam~paradise philippines

Every tribe is proud of its domain. For the Ilongot of the Aurora Sierra Madre, the showpiece is Pamaza-pazam, literally meaning 'alluring' in their native tongue. It is here that for centuries their ancestors built up their culture based on harmony with nature, relying on the gifts of the forest and the land and their reputation for being the fiercest warriors and headhunters.

A long and steep trail through the dense forest over three days will prove this mountain's allure. The sweet smiles and fragrance of wild flowers, the many different forms of pitcher plants, birds and bees big and small, scrumptious and delicate ferns and fruits attest to the wealth and breadth of the Sierra Madre. The morning greets you on the summit with a great view of the waves on the bay to the east. The diverse landscapes not only provide a rich palette for the photo enthusiasts, it also challenges their courage, stamina and skill.

Pack some insect repellent, creepy crawlies are abundant. Temperatures at night are mild to moderately cold. Bring gloves for the steep roped section on the second day. Water loving sandals are essential as the streams and bathing pools are numerous, in fact consider wearing them all the way on the third day and upload UB40's Many Rivers To Cross on your MP3 player.







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